Engineering Services


CNC Folding services:

Capacities:press break..

6’ – 20’ Lengths – Plus Tandem/Trio
66 – 320 Tons


  • Up to Six Axis Back Gauge
  • Laser Style Angle Measuring System
  • CNC Controlled Sheet Followers
  • CNC Controlled Die Shuttle Systems
  • 3D Controller
  • 2d & 3d Programming Software
  • Operational Laser Guarding

Standard Configuration

  • Large Stroke-Daylight-Throat
  • Y1,Y2 Ram Positioning
  • Delem DA 66 Graphic Control
  • Euro/American Style Punch Clamp
  • X/R Back Gauge
  • Quickset Sliding Front Sheet Support
  • Automatic Table Crowning
  • Rear Work Light
  • Side and Rear Safety Doors



High definition plasma profiling services:

High speed, low cost CE Approved plasma cutting means reduced lead times and fast processing that can save hours on tight production schedules. Our plasma machine is fully integrated with the latest CAD software, we can incorporate multi-part nesting, tight tolerances and excellent material utilization with the use of hypertherms pronest software which results in significant time and cost savings for our customers.


  • Our high performance,  plasma profiler is ideal for large batch production runs as it produces a high quality work piece in a fast lead time.
  • This machine runs on a 6m x 2m cutting bed which also allows for large scale single profile cutting if required. This plasma machine can profile 1.5mm – 80mm thick plate.
  • 400_slide3C (1)
  • Our high performance plasma machines give an extremely high quality finish to the work piece that is similar to laser quality but at a significantly reduced cost to our customers.
  • The high speed, two headed cutting high definition machines allow us to produce complex internal and external shapes with minimal distortion
  • Our cutting beds measure  6m x 2m, thus allowing us to produce large scale, complex profiles to tight tolerances. These high definition plasma machines can profile 1.5mm – 80mm thick plate
  • Ideal for large one off pieces or large qty batches.